A word from the Wise - Harvest Update

Posted August 29, 2012


The harvest crew has had their hands full over the past couple of weeks.  Most arriving in the nick of time for the bottling of our 2011 Pinot Noir and Chardonnays, it wasn't long before they were handed some scrub brushes and buckets to shine up equipment and ready for the 2012 harvest. 

Set to start tomorrow morning, Ross tells me the first grapes to come in will likely be some Pinot Noir for our Rogue series wine, but you never can tell until it's actually happening - choosing harvest times is really a game day decision based on a precise palate and the optimal picking conditions.  He says it will likely come from Cheddar's block (the block of Pinot Noir located directly below the winery, and aptly named after Ross' furry friend), which has already reached 22 brix on average.  In fact, the fruit in our vineyard is so ripe, the team is having to move the bird bangers daily to keep them out of the vineyard.  Due to the hot dry season (which has been great for the fruit), the birds are very hungry and eager to get their share of the bounty...which is keeping Ross and the crew on their toes. 

If you have never experienced harvest at a winery, now is a great time to stop in to see the magic in all its sticky glory.  Check out the links in our event listings to get in on some great interactive programming or just swing on by for a tasting and a view of the action.  We just ask that you respect our closed areas for the safety of yourself and our crew.  



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