Flat Rock Cellars launches iPad tasting menu

Posted March 03, 2011

Flat Rock Cellars launches iPad Tasting Menu, Winery First for Canada

Winery visitors now free to engage as they taste via interactive tasting menu


March 3, 2011 - Visitors to Flat Rock Cellars in Jordan, Ontario will have a choice to make when seeking a tasting menu: paper or iPad. Flat Rock Cellars is announcing its new iPad wine app for use in the winery's tasting room.

The iPad application offers tasting room visitors the ability to engage with Flat Rock Cellars' portfolio of wines as they taste or while waiting for their next pour.  Flat Rock Cellars' iPad app will allow visitors to browse through wines, read tasting notes, rate and "favorite" wines, learn more about the winery, sign up for a club, and order wine. The application for wineries is designed by Canada-based Vin65, a leading provider of wine ecommerce software solutions.

Ed Madronich, Proprietor of Flat Rock Cellars, isiPad excited about the possibilities of the Vin65 application for his winery's tasting room. He says, "We want to dispel the myth that great wine has to be accompanied by a pretentious encounter. This app is another weapon in our arsenal to fight wine snobbery."  Madronich continues, "We like to customize the tasting experience to the individual. The iPad app gives the wine rookie answers to all the questions they might not ask out loud and the wine pro the ability to drill down into tech details like pH and brix at harvest."

The application is more than just a one-way flow of information from winery to visitor. "This app provides a great customer experience by tracking the wines a customer tasted and creates a list of favorites", remarks Vin65 President Andrew Kamphuis. "Another really cool feature is that these wine preferences become a part of the customer profile. Flat Rock can follow up with their customers with offers and content based on their taste preferences."

Madronich is quick to note, "This won't fundamentally change the winery experience and visitors will continue to be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member, a tour of the winery and a fantastic glass of wine. He adds, "Now we have the ability to bring wine lovers even deeper into our world by easily sharing images and videos.  When it's the dead of winter and we're trying to explain the benefit of our cover crop program, we can just punch up a shot of mustard seed in full bloom between the Gewurztraminer rows. It can really help to portray all the effort that we undertake to make great wine."

Flat Rock Cellars is launching a limited version of the app with one iPad at the winery this weekend. They plan to work closely with visitors in this initial stage to perfect the experience before a full launch in April of this year.


About Flat Rock Cellars Flat Rock Cellars is an architecturally unique, five-level gravity flow winery surrounded by 80 acres of vineyards, located on the Twenty Mile Bench in Jordan, Ontario, specializing in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling.  Flat Rock Cellars was established based on a commitment to quality and the inextinguishable passion of its founders.  The winery is guided by the mastery of modern techniques; where viticulture and winemaking come together with architecture and hospitality to create an experience as memorable as it is enjoyable.  www.flatrockcellars.com

TEL: (905) 562-8994

About Vin65 Vin65 is the leading provider of website and ecommerce solutions to wineries and wine retailers interested in selling their wine direct-to-consumer. The Vin65 platform has received attention from wine technology leaders and technology savvy wineries for its ability to drive innovation in the wine ecommerce space. The platform includes: e-commerce, wine club, content management, customer relationship management, mobile ecommerce and an iPad application all tailored for the wine industry. For more information, call 604-852-8140 or visit www.vin65.com.


Andrew Kamphuis, President
Office: 604-852-8140, Cell: 604-613-5343
Email: andrew@vin65.com

Melissa Dobson, Interview requests
Office: 607-846-3795, Cell: 917-816-5424
Email: melissa.dobson@avantguild.com


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