Ross wins Golden Boots

Posted January 18, 2011

Named the 'thunder from down under', Ross Wise rocked & rolled over the competition to win the coveted Golden Boots. The barrel-racing competition was part of the Winter WineFest in Jordan this past weekend. The event pitted seven winemakers against each other. The competitors had to push, flip or roll large wooden wine barrels along a snowy course in the middle of Main St. in the shortest time possible.

Ross is very proud of the award. In an interview with the St. Catharines Standard he said "It's harder than it looks, actually, especially with all the spectators along the edge risking their lives as well."

The trophy will be proudly displayed, front and centre, at the winery over the next two weekends of the Icewine Festival. Come on down and take a look, and chat with Ross about his accomplishment (you can also ask him about his time a a runway model) over a pulled pork icewine infused slider.

Icewine Festival (Jan 22-23, 29-30) details here.

 Golden Boy

Photo copyright Karen Black.


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