The Kick-off to Harvest 2012

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A Message from Ed

From September 21st-30th join us at Flat Rock or Montebello Park in St. Catharines for the Niagara Wine Festival, where the Flat Rock crew will be on hand to send off summer in style.  Join us with your Discovery Pass in hand for our festival offering, Kickin' it with Kebabs, where you will enjoy a skewer of roasted goodness paired up with two Flat Rock wines.  Or visit on September 23rd for Pick, Stomp and Taste; our annual traditional grape stomp and tasting in the vineyard.  At Montebello Park, stop by the booth to taste our Twisted, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay paired up with AVella's Wood-Fired Pizza located next to us.  Harvest is always such an exciting time for us at the winery.  We hope to see you soon!



In the Winemaker's Boots - Full Day Harvest

By Jillian Nero, The Original Flat Rock Groupie (aka Marketing Manager)

Have you ever dreamed of pulling on a pair of blundstones, sitting on the back of a flatbed surrounded by baskets ready to work your way through acres of juicy, ripe Pinot Noir grapes?  If you like many who read this are instantly drifted off into a state of euphoria but are quickly brought back to earth at the thought of a career change, I may have found some middle ground for you to rest on. Read on...

A word from the Wise - Harvest Update
By Ross (via Jillian as Ross is busy prepping for harvest)

The harvest crew has had their hands full over the past couple of weeks.  Most arriving in the nick of time for the bottling of our 2011 Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay, it wasn't long before they were handed some scrub brushes and buckets to shine up equipment and ready for the 2012 harvest. 

Set to start tomorrow morning, Ross tells me the first grapes to come in will likely be some Pinot Noir for our Rogue series wine... Read on...

UPDATE Club on the Rock

By Tiffany Wise, Resident Wine Fanatic (aka Sales Manager)

Now in its second year, I think it's fair to say the Club on the Rock is a hit (or so I hear).  There's nothing better than seeing familiar faces at the tasting bar, or exchanging emails about the wines with all our club members - it's definitely been a gratifying adventure for the Flat Rock team.  We're continuously looking for ways to make membership easier and more enjoyable for all Flat Rockers out there.  As such, we've recently added two new options to our club membership that will allow you enjoy Flat Rock more regularly, and ensure you always have a bottle of your favourite on hand for when that unexpected rockstar (I mean neighbour) knocks on your door. Read on...

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