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Summer Dreamin'
Although it may not feel like it yet, summer is just around the corner.  And with that comes many of the great things we wait for all winter long:  The first wines from the 2010 vintage are released.  Invites to great outdoor parties are received and accepted.  Fun and delicious summer meals enjoyed under the sun.  These are among the many things I wait for all winter long and am excited to share them with you in the coming weeks and months.  Check out all the exciting things going on at FRC in our latest newsletter. 

Spring would not be complete without some good news about our wines.  This year at the International Wine Challenge, the world's largest wine competition, our 2009 The Rusty Shed Chardonnay took home a coveted Gold medal alongside the best wines in the World!  Congratulations Ross and the entire winemaking team.  We are slowly getting the message out about what our amazing piece soil can produce.

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There's GOLD in them thar hills
We've been panning for GOLD, and have been coming up with nuggets.  Flat Rock is very proud to announce that Ross and his team have achieved two stellar results at recent national and international wine competitions. 

First, The Rusty Shed Chardonnay 2009 was awarded GOLD at the 2011 International Wine Challenge in London, England.  Prepare yourself for some bragging below - hey, we deserve it!  Not only was Flat Rock Cellars the only Canadian Winery to be awarded a gold medal for table wine, but we also faired better than many of the top Chardonnays from highly touted California, Burgundy, and Australia producers.  Check out the competition results here.  The 2009 vintage has not yet been released, and will be available exclusively at the winery starting June 4th.  To get on our pre-release list, click here.

The next brag worthy news includes our wins at the 2011 All Canadian Wine Championships.  Flat Rock Cellars took home the Best Sparkling Wine of the Year prize for our 2007 Riddled.  In only our second vintage of sparkling wine, we think this proves we're on the right path - and to top it off, FRC is the first Ontario producer finishing its sparkling in crown cap...maybe we're on to something here.  For more info on Flat Rock's results at the ACWC including our win for the 2010 Gewurztraminer, click here.  

Want to know why we went with crown cap? Details.

Budburst Celebration 2011...are you coming?
If you haven't sent in your RSVP for our upcoming Budburst Celebration 2011 on June 4, 2011, you still have a couple of days.  Don't miss out on being some of the first to taste our new vintage wines and award winners listed above.  Also please remember to bring a non-perishable food item to the event which will be donated to a local food bank.  We don't charge for this event as it's our thanks to you for being such great customers; so consider the donation as your ticket to the event.  More details here.

The Green Roof of Gourmet Dreams  
While standing on the Green Roof patio one night, a strong summer breeze blew over me and carried a message.  It said, "If you stuff ‘em, they will come."  Okay, maybe that's not exactly what happened (I have slight Kevin Costner envy), but last summer they did stuff (tacos) and you did come (to eat).  And so they have returned - El Gastronomo Vagabundo that is.  The Green Roof patio officially opened last weekend and many enjoyed the wine, the yummy fare and sun (periodically).  Stop by throughout the summer to enjoy a glass (or two) of your favourite FRC wines paired up with the hottest gourmet street food in Ontario.  Details here.

Do you have your Boots? 
There's still time to sign up for our next Full-Day Seasonal session of In the Winemaker's Boots.  This session will focus on vineyard scouting (who doesn't like a little detective work), and looking at how we blend up some of our final Gravity and The Rusty Shed wines. 

One happy Boots Walker sent us this little note.  We'd like to share:

"A huge thank you to everyone at Flat Rock for making my day on Friday so enjoyable. A special thanks to Ross and Greg for taking so much time out of their day to show me some of the winemaker's duties and have me participate in the activities...Everything was great. I especially enjoyed the time in the vineyard and the vertical tasting of The Rusty Shed Chardonnays.

I look forward to my next session on October 2. If I don't make it down over the summer, have a great season!"

Ted Crysler

For more details about the program click here.

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