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A Word from Ed

As the months of summer draw near, we are getting more and more eager for the exciting things that are to come! Amongst the most exciting things that we have coming up is our Release Party, which is an excellent excuse to enjoy the good life. We will be having a BBQ at the winery, letting some secrets out of the cellar and enjoying new vintages of classic Flat Rock favourites! An invitation will grace your inbox shortly, so stay tuned! And make a "save the date" note on your calendar for Saturday June 4, 6:30-9:30pm.

Keeping in line with all things summer, I can't let the team take over until I announce the return of el Gastronomo Vagabundo! We are picking up where we left off last summer with incredible foods that pair perfectly with our wines. Needless to say, this is the most unique and exciting winery dining experience in Niagara, you haven't done wine country until you've checked this out!

Finally, we are participating in Somewhereness which is an event to celebrate wines with a sense of place. An event that we are proud to have participated in since its incarnation. It is always a great experience to share our wines alongside other great Niagara wineries. And this opportunity finds us twice, as the Taste Camp crew hits the winery as one stop on their busy itinerary! In a few short days they will learn about Niagara wines on both sides of the border, we are thrilled to share with them our slice of the region and the beautiful wines that this land lets us produce!

What's Happening

Niagara is alive with the warm spring air, and the tasting room is buzzing with excitement about the line up that we are currently rocking on the tasting menu! We have more than a few reasons for you to visit the winery:

  • Tuesday May 10th - Somewhereness, an event to celebrate wines with a sense of place, with 9 other fantastic Niagara wineries
  • Monday May 16th - Winemaker's Dinner at Indian Rice Factory is our inaugural event with this restaurant, and we are psyched! Try out some delicious Pan-Indian cuisine paired with our wines... too often is Indian food overlooked in the world of pairing wines!
  • Saturday May 21st - Yoga in the Vineyard will be on site to conduct a one hour guided yoga session, followed by a tour of our winery, taste of some stellar Flat Rock Cellars wines, and lunch on the Green Roof with el Gastronomo Vagabundo!
  • Saturday June 4th - OPEN HOUSE! Get excited about the wine country party of the year!  In true Flat Rock fashion, we will be doing what we do best, enjoying the good life and celebrating great wine! With many wines making their debut, you do not want to miss out! Keep checking your inbox for the invite and RSVP instruction!
  • Sunday June 12th - Tasting Series: Chocolate - we have teamed up with Kelly at Toute Sweet for another installment of our tasting series! We will be pairing beautiful aromatic wines that decadent chocolates, you can plan for your summer entertaining or indulging!

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