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Don't hibernate, you're not a bear... At The Winemaker's Table, Chocolate Tasting, Dear Manitoba, We've Arrived

Yes, it maybe 13 below, and yes, winter is forecast to continue despite our furry friend not seeing Ross Wise Canadian his shadow. But we're Canadian, we embrace the cold and thumb our noses at it. We leave our homes and go outside, braving the frigid wind chill, and we...rush somewhere in our cars to get back inside where it's warm to join our friends in eating rich foods and enjoy luxurious wines.  So, this is exactly what we have planned for you over the next month. Not only for Ontarians, but now for Manitobans as well.

We're very pleased to announce that our Pinot Noir and Twisted are now available in the province of Manitoba. To celebrate our move west, winemaker Ross Wise will heat things up at Fusion Grill in Winnipeg on March 2. Chef Lorna Murdoch has designed a perfect six course menu to compliment our wines (full details below).

So, if you're truly Canadian, and we know you are, then we look forward to seeing you, and your friends, at one of the events listed below.

Wishing you a happy Valentine's,

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Here’s how to get out of the cold over the next few weeks:

At the Winemaker's Table: Valentine's Lunch (just 4 spots remain)
Sunday, February 13 at 12:30pm. At Flat Rock Cellars
It's a necessity for all Winemakers. The long leisurely lunch with four gourmet courses paired to delicious wines.  Set over the harvest table for a small group with Proprietor, Ed Madronich and Winemaker, Ross Wise this is your chance to learn about what life's really like in the wine biz. More details here.

Moxie's Classic Grill - Valentine's Weekend Menu
February 11 - 14. At Moxie's Classic Grill Ontario Locations
Check your local Moxie's Classic Grill February 11-14, 2011 to find a fantastic Valentine's Menu featuring Flat Rock Cellars Chardonnay. You won't go wrong choosing any of their delicious features, but we recommend the Top Sirloin and & Crab in Lobster Butter...heavenly with the Chardonnay. Enjoy! More details here.

Flat Rock Cellars Tasting Series: Chocolate
Saturday Feb 26th & Sunday Feb 27th. At Flat Rock Cellars
Join us at Flat Rock Cellars to learn about your taste! How do you taste, what do you taste and why does it taste so GOOD! More details here.

Fusion Grill Winemaker's Dinner
Wednesday March 2nd. At Fusion Grill - Winnipeg Manitoba
Flat Rock Cellars is now available in Manitoba - and to help us celebrate Fusion Grill has invited winemaker Ross Wise to town and prepared an intimate evening of fine wine and food. Chef Lorna Murdoch has prepared the perfect six course menu to compliment select (* and a few exclusive) offerings from Flat Rock Cellars. More details here.

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