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For 2011 did you resolve to... Embrace more Winter Wine Festivities, or Experience life as a Winemaker?

Happy 2011! I love the start of a new year. I totally buy into the notion of resolutions and always make a ridiculously long list of things I'll do, see, accomplish, and learn over the course of the next 12 months. Realistically, I only get through half of my items in a good year. But I'm pretty sure I can help you cross a big one off your list.

The very fact that you've subscribed to our newsletter means that you love wine, you enjoy talking about wine, celebrating wine, and having wine filled experiences. By extension, you probably think that being a winemaker is the best job in the world. Mornings filled basking in the sun while caring for the vines, 3 course 3 hour lunches at the Winemakers Table atop the escarpment surveyingCouldBeYou your beautiful vineyards, afternoons of barrel sampling until your teeth are stained red, only to walk home with a warm Pinot smile.  Well, here's your chance to see what it's really like.  Normally you'd have to go back to school to get your degree and then put in years of back breaking labour as a cellar hand.  But we let you step directly In the Winemaker's Boots!

I'm not even exaggerating, read about the experience of Gord Stimmell from The Toronto Star, or Michael DiCaro from Spotlight Toronto when they spent a day In the Winemaker's Boots.

You could have your first resolution crossed off your list as early as February. Your first assignment, if you choose to take it, is to determine food pairings for our wines and sharpen your own palette - it's a Weekend Workshop on Feb 5 from 10am - 12pm. Or, you and your sweetheart could experience the long leisurely winemakers lunch at the Winemaker's Table on Feb 13. Talk shop with other winemakers (like Ross Wise) while el Gastronomo prepares your 3 course lunch paired with wines. And there are plenty more opportunities throughout the year to experience the 'sweet life' of a winemaker - see our 2011 In the Winemaker's Boots schedule here.

Now, who's going to help me with my resolution to cook like Jamie Oliver?


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BACKSTAGE ACCESS: Club on the Rock Members receive a 30% discount on In the Winemaker's Boots Seasonal Series and Weekend Workshop sessions!

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