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For those of you who couldn't attend Saturday's Open House... The Rogue RevealedFirst Ever Riesling ReserveHoliday Gifting

Thanks to the huge number of you who joined us at the winery on Saturday. For us, this is what it's all about. Hosting our friends and sharing our passion for making the best possible wine from these incredible vineyards that surround us. And based upon your feedback, I'd say we're doing pretty well with our passion.

As we've been eluding too, our holiday party was all ROGUE. Five years in the making, The Rogue wine was revealed. It's a project that satisfies our inherent need to break all the rules, to act in defiance of established customs, and it happens to be a tribute to our founding Rogue. Read the full story, and understand why The Rogue is so special here.

The Rogue

Because there's such a fine line between insanity and genius, we've kept the production of The Rogue ultra-low. This may protect us from Rogue'ing gone awry, but it sets us up for disappointment when eureka strikes. With only 44 cases produced of our first Rogue, Syrah 2007, we've had to make it a Club on the Rock exclusive (everyone who attended the Open House got to taste it though). And, based upon the reaction from Saturday night, we suspect the second ever Rogue, Pinot Noir 2009, won't be around for long. It's available for purchase, to Club and non-Club members, now.

The Rogue Pinot Noir 2009 is available at the winery, or online here.

The Rogue might have been the highlight of the evening, but the Riesling Reserve received it's own fan fare. On the heels of the tremendous success of our other Rieslings (GOLD for 2008 Riesling, Decanter International Wine Awards. GOLD for 2009 Nadja's Vineyard, Canadian Wine Awards) we've released our first ever Riesling Reserve. About time, you say. Well, we agree. But we're not in the habit of doing things 'just because'. We were waiting for something truly special to happen with respect to the vintage, or the vineyard, or in the cellar. In 2009, it was the trifecta when all three came together. Ross identified a small parcel in our lower Riesling block that was showing very ripe Riesling characters. He kept this fruit separate on a hunch, and gave it some special attention in the cellar. The resulting wine is rich and complex, and a great reflection of both the soil it was grown in and the 2009 growing season.

2009 Riesling Reserve is available at the winery, or online here.

Finally, with the holidays quickly approaching, we've got you covered gift wise. Our crew have put together some really compelling Gift Packages. We have created a whole new calendar of In the Winemaker's Boots which is more than a gift, it's an experience. And there is now more reason than ever to join our Club on the Rock with exclusive offers like the Rogue Syrah 2007. Plus, cool wooden cases, gift certificates and more.

You can see all our gift options in a PDF brochure by clicking here.

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