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Taking your holiday season up a level... Party on the Rock, Gift Ideas, and Last Bottles of Nadja's

Yes, we're still six weeks away, but one must plan if they're to maximize the fun and minimize the work involved with the holiday season. Of course we can help you with both, as we all know the holidays are all about wine, aren't they?

First, the fun. I think we've perfected the recipe for holiday parties with our annual Open House. It's not a complicated formula, we invite our best customers (dare I say, friends!), we serve them some delicious foods, we serve them plenty of the wines they love (plus, some they'll be the first to try), and you make reference to something intriguing like Going Rogue to create a sense of anticipation. If you haven't already received your invite, you can find it here.

Now, you might think that you don't have enough time to come down to the winery and party with us. But I have to disagree. Below, my staff have created enough gifting options to satisfy every adult on your list. Shopping complete, I guess I'll see you on November 20! 

p.s. If, for some reason, you absolutely can't join us for the Open House, consider coming down for Wrapped up in the Valley Nov 20, 21, 27 or 28 where all of the regions wineries get into the festive mood. Details can be found here.

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Wine Gift Packages

4 Bottle

Get Twisted: A two-pack of 2009 Twisted and 2009 Red Twisted. Price: $65.55 includes decorative wooden case

Reserve Excellence: A four-pack of all our Reserve Wines. Price: $185.35 includes decorative wooden case

Mix Your Six: Select their favourite Flat Rock wines and we'll package them in our impressive 6 bottle wooden cases.

More Fantastic Packages Available! Contact us for details.

In The Winemaker's Boots


Check out what's new at our 2011 In The Winemaker's Boots series! Each camp offers the chance to walk a day "In the Winemaker's Boots". Your gift recipients (or yourself) can enjoy a weekend workshop or a full day all-encompassing wine-making experience.  Each session is designed to reflect the activities that occur in the winery at a given point in the year. More details here.



2006 Sweet Revenge Vidal Icewine

Sweet Revenge Icewine

Pair it with seared foie gras and you have the ultimate revenge. Presented in wickedly clever and distinct packaging, with a holiday gift tag, Sweet Revenge makes for perfectly inspired gift giving this season.
Price: $45.05



Club Logo

Give them the gift that keeps on giving! We've created membership options for you to choose from based on your needs. This club offers so much more than just wine.  View more details here and you'll understand why 'This Club Rocks'. 

Gift Certificates

Ball Plain

 For those of you who can't quite make the decision between the Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, consider a Flat Rock Gift certificate. Beautifully packaged, these certificates can be sent directly to you or to your gift recipient with a personalized gift tag attached. 


Ordering Made Easy

To place an order call us at (905) 562-8994 and ask for Allie, or email us at info@flatrockcellars.com.

Delivery within Ontario available (call for rates.)  Or, come visit the winery.

To ensure delivery before December 24th, please place your order by December 14, 2010.

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