Rusty Shed Chardonnay, they really like it

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High praise, but limited supply, LCBO release this weekend. Find it in store here

I'd like to very publicly send a message to Ed the elder, "Dad, I got you this time."  This obviously requires an explanation to those who aren't privy to the inside joke that is the Rusty Shed Chardonnay.  Going back to 2004, every time my Dad looked out over our vineyard he would say, "Ed, we have this beautiful vineyard with an eyesore of a rusty shed in the middle. When are you going to paint that darn thing?".  Being more interested in the welfare of our vineyards than the aesthetics of the property, I decided that the best way to side step any arguments with my Father was to outwit him (something difficult to do) - naming our signature chardonnay The Rusty Shed seemed to do the trick. "You spent your entire youth avoiding manual labour, you haven't changed, you've just gotten more creative in how you do it." Ed Madronich Sr.

Our 2008 The Rusty Shed Chardonnay will be released in Vintages this Saturday (click here to find it in store) and based upon the glowing reviews below I think I can go a couple more years without having to buy paint. 

NOTE: This wine always sells out quickly!

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Here's what the experts have to say:

David Lawrason, WineAlign.com
Score: 90 points

{David, along with 12 top wine experts, are currently judging the Canadian Wine Awards from BC. This quote is excerpt from his Aug. 19 newsletter for
"...heading into the final rounds later Wednesday and Thursday, which will undoubtedly produce a slate of gold medals - especially in categories like chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah and blends. I have personally been most excited by the chardonnay and pinot flights. To give you a sense of the quality and style we are discovering I draw your attention to the classy and complex FLAT ROCK CELLARS 2008 THE RUSTY SHED CHARDONNAY from Niagara's Twenty Mile Bench that is in the August 21 release. I am not suggesting by the way that this is a gold medalist in these awards, as none of the wines have yet been revealed, but I have rated it 90 points."

John Szabo, WineAlign.com
Score: 91 points

"2008 is proving to be a fine vintage in Ontario for the Burgundian grapes, as this fine example of chardonnay from Flatrock clearly shows - a great follow-up to the excellent 2007. It's clean, classy, and well-balanced both on the nose, with inviting pear, citrus, fresh apple and stone fruit allied to gentle oak influence, and on the palate, with full creamy texture, moderate alcohol (12%) and crisp but not aggressive acidity. Very nicely crafted. Tasted July 2010. Value Rating: ***" 

Tony Aspler, WineryToHome.com
Score: Outstanding

Rod Philips, WinePointer 
Score: 4 stars

"The flavours here are long, firm and solid from attack through to finish, and they're accompanied on their journey through your palate by a seam of clean, fresh acidity. Refreshing and smooth, this delivers good weight and breadth."

Michael Pinkus, OntarioWineReview.com
Score: 4.5

"Year-in and year-out this Flat Rock Rusty Shed line continues to impress me ... 10 months in barrel has brought about a tropical fruit, apple cider and peach pit nose and flavours that are fruity but not overpoweringly so. Good flavour that's ultimately sippable with good acidity on the finish; it's also great value."

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