First Ever FRC Sparkling in time for Canada Day

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Winery Exclusive, Ontario First

Purchase our 2006 Sparkling Brut Reserve

It's a bold statement, to release our winery's first ever sparkling wine and call it a Reserve.  You can let us explain, but it would be more fun if you simply put it to test against your current favourite sparkler. We can guarantee that haven't seen an Ontario sparkling wine like this one, we know, we changed the rules.

Every traditional sparkling wine starts out with a crown cap - they all agree that it's the best closure for the job.  Following disgorging they then apply the familiar cork closure you`ll find on most sparkling wines.  As you might know, Flat Rock Cellars doesn`t believe in tradition for the sake of tradition - we use that which makes our wines better and disregard the rest. So, when our extensive research uncovered the long list of benefits of crown cap over cork we had no choice but to go to the VQA and work to inform our peers.  We succeeded in changing the rules, and we think the the winner is you, the consumer.  The crown cap eliminates cork taint, keeps more bubbles in solution, it`s safer (you don`t have to worry about projectiles), and frankly it just looks cool.

It`s been a 4 year love affair with this wine, let us just say that it involved a lot of hand holding (read: hand picking, hand sorting, hand bottling, hand labelling) but it was certianly worth all the effort because we think the result is outstanding.  Read the full story and then come down to the winery and taste, or better yet, take our word for it and place your order now.

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