Another New Year, Another New Vintage

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A Word from Ed

Well, I am not sure if 2009 rolled in with a bang or a whimper.  I suppose it all depends on how you look at the state of the economy.  I am the eternal optimist so I see opportunity in our future.

There is considerable talk in the wine industry as to what customers will be looking for in 2009. The general consensus is that consumers will be looking for value more so than ever.  Since our inception, it has been my passion to always deliver value to our customers.  Make great wine and offer it at a fair price is something we do every day here at Flat Rock Cellars.  We are very proud of how often we are recognized for our success in this regard.  Our latest recognition has come from the Wine Spectator.  Flat Rock Cellars Nadja's Vineyard Riesling was the ONLY Canadian wine recognized as a Top Value in 2008.

We will continue to share our passion with you in 2009.  In the coming year, join us and experience our new releases and some exciting new wines. Take part in our interactive ‘In the Winemaker's Boots' series.  I know everything will deliver great value and lots of pleasure-an escape that won't make the economic outlook more daunting.


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Winemaker's Update:

We have started getting the 2008 aromatics ready for bottling. Bottling is scheduled for the end of March, so the wait for the new vintage of Nadja's Vineyard Riesling, our estate Riesling, Pinot Noir Rosé and Twisted 2008 is almost over. And due to popular demand, we are bottling a small volume of varietal Gewürztraminer again this year. 2008 proved to be an excellent year for white varieties with great minerality and finesse.

The vineyard has gone into dormancy; the well deserved rest the vines have earned and the canes look ripe and healthy.  The cool (or should I say downright cold) temperatures we have experienced since the end of fall have acclimatized the shoots and buds well, ready for the cold onslaught we have had these past weeks. Soon we will walk the vineyards to plan pruning.

I for one look forward to the first 2008 whites, just in time for those long awaited, beautiful  spring days - sipping cool glasses of crisp Riesling while planning out new gardens...one can only dream.


Marlize Beyers

Winemaker, Flat Rock Cellars


In the Winemaker's Boots
Full Day Sessions & Weekend Workshops

Much more than a tour!

Our Weekend Workshops are a great way to discover what Flat Rock Cellars is all about.  These two hour sessions include enough to satisfy your initial curiosity but will definitely whet your appetite for more. Our first seminar of 2009 is this coming Saturday:

A Sneak Peek of the 2008 Harvest
Saturday, February 7th, 10am - 12pm:

Be the first to see what the 2008 harvest offers! Sample a selection of our 2008 wines partway through the aging process and understand what we can expect from our newest vintage. This seminar will be led by one of Flat Rock Cellars' knowledgeable staff and includes wine tasting and a tour of our winemaking facility.

Session is $25.00 per person or $15.00 per person for Flat Rock Cellars Club Members. Space is limited to 20 guests so please call to reserve your spot in this interactive experience.


Full Day Session
Saturday, March 14th

Theme: Pruning & Preparing the Vineyard

Our first of four In the Winemaker's Boots session is going to be here before we know it. Don't miss your chance to be a winemaker for a day as we prepare for Flat Rock Cellars' next vintage! With Flat Rock's Winemaker Marlize Beyers as your guide, you will actively participate in vineyard activities, lab analysis, and wine tasting and blending. Your day includes a delicious lunch accompanied by Flat Rock Cellars wine, and a souvenir T-shirt and certificate to prove that you ‘walked in the winemaker's boots'.

Please contact the winery to reserve your spot or give a friend the gift of a day in the vineyard.

Price: $200 per person

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